Doce escapatória

(parte que eu me lembro de um poema que eu fui muito burra pra excluir)

Você é tóxico
Doce escapatória
Meu sangue borbulha ao te ver
E quando te toco, te uso, te provo
Morro de overdose por você
Suave saída
Parada cardíaca
É tarja preta ao meu parecer
Improvável remédio, seque minhas lágrimas
E faça minha dor desaparecer

Endless Night

There’re no more ways to make me cry
No more tears I can drop
No more whispered words to say
Nothing that could make me stay
And all that have been wrong
All that I’ve tried to make right
Everything you’ve said to me
Now it seems to fade away
‘Cause there’s nothing in this world I want the most
But the endless night

About Rain

I hate that you lied, I hate expecting for you to care. I hate waiting for your answer when I’m talking to myself. I hate hating you when it means that I actually like you. I love you. I hate waiting for the rain, I hate the way it feels cold when raindrops touch my skin. Yet, I love it. Rain, won’t you rain on me?


The possibility is always there, you just have to squirm a little more, give up a little more, fight a little more. What are you prepared to do? How long can you endure the pain? How much are you willing to lose?
Where is you courage now? Weren't you a fearless man? 
Possibilities, possibilieties, slipping through your fingers. Possibilities. They are waiting for you, come and pick them up. Possibilities. Are you prepared? Aren't you scared? Possibilities. No time to waste. Clock is ticking. What are you waiting for?

Just a thought

I guess strangers are strangers after all. I wish I could believe there was something more, that human beings could come to know each other very well, even when distance seems to be a huge wall. I wish I could believe that love appears as easily as it disappears. I wish strangers would say hi, wishing that “hi” would become the beginning of a friendship. But I guess strangers are strangers, after all.

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